Hi! my name is Yohanna, I prefer Yoha, but Mcfly call me Little Joanna. About me? mmm.. I love music, who not? I like Rock national, international, Pop / Pop Rock and more, I have a madness for old music. And take phrases of songs. I want learning to play guitar, piano and drums. Much? hahaha. I love the photography and edit in photoshop. I love cats as Tom, I have three as well. I like watching movies and cry with them. I like read, I love so so much The hunger games, are my favourite books ever. I like make laugh to people who I love. And for last but not least important I'M GALAXY DEFENDER, HOPEFUL AND SHERLOCKED

~ Nothing's impossible if you really want it ~

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Be yourself, no matter what they say

meljayne179 said:
Hey, you've got a great blog. m really impressed, can I do a short interview of you on frankly.me

¿An interview? For which magazine or show? hahaha . Well this is so weird , it makes me feel like I’m famous. Yeah, why not? :)

Ps: I guess I know this is spam. 

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liz-and-louis-love said:
Little Joana is got big blue eyes 🎵 Gooffy, Do you remember me? I'm Liz (Lizzy McGuire for you) jaja Saluditos 🙋

HEEEY, Lizzie Mcguire :D . I just saw the message, When you sent me this? Tumblr inbox works so wrong, damn! Of course , I remember you. Ooh I left twitter again D: , Cause on my free time, I like to make gifs and upload them here but on twitter I feel like I lose more time , I get distracted a lot but anyway I should go back there.. I miss so much write tweets to my McGuys and also Carrie ♥ , I hope you’re well.. Why are we still speaking English? tumblr changes you! hahaha . xxx

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Aaron paul 

Aaron paul